• Early morning DCG updates en route to Phoenix

    Good morning from Terminal B in Philadelphia. Representatives from our team will be meeting with WE in the World leadership in Phoenix later today to discuss measurement strategy over the… Read More

  • PubTrawlr in the news!

    We were happy to be interviewed for the Reading Eagle about our work with Alvernia University. We were fortunate to spend a huge chunk of the last 18 months getting… Read More

  • Riding the rails to Rhode Island

    Our team was privileged to be guests of the Rhode Island team this past Friday. Our goal was to help develop a quasi-experimental design to example the impacts of the… Read More

  • Never require answers to survey questions.

    The headline is the thesis statement. Do not require answers to survey questions. That is, never make any answer to any question required for completing a survey. Never. Don’t do… Read More

  • The final NJHI update–for now…..

    The great folks at Grey Sky Films put together this retrospective of the Small But Mighty Communities project. We’ve said a few times that it has been a bittersweet journey… Read More

  • What to know about Institutional Review Boards

    If you’re working on a research project and are unsure if you need to submit it to an IRB, there are a few key things to keep in mind. The… Read More

  • An Attempt at Understanding Web3

    Contributed by Kalie Mayberry To understand the decentralization of the internet and the concepts that fall within its scope, it is helpful to look at the bigger picture of how… Read More

  • This Week in Public Health.

    The robots have been busy. As the last two years have demonstrated, public health moves lightning fast. New articles and evidence are being generated all the time. And it’s near… Read More

  • Finishing this up? Another late-night SBIR blog.

    9:23 p.m. In a minor miracle, two out four of my children are asleep right now. That means I can start pounding away on this application much earlier than I… Read More

  • Oh, and here’s our black metal logo

    It’s the spookiest of months, so it’s the time to break out our black metal logo. I’m not as comfortable putting this up front anymore, but we should still celebrate… Read More

  • Tenure Track Academic Salaries at the University of Alaska: Anchorage

    Can you believe that some HR departments don’t share salary information? Anyway, instead of working on actual work, I played around with this data that was shared on the Community… Read More

  • Did we submit to Y Combinator? We did.

    Imposter syndrome is a funny thing. Lots of really successful people have it, so that should make it normative. But it’s not. I still worry that we could be doing… Read More