Empowering Change with Diverse Tools

At our organization, we understand that support is multifaceted. Our range of tools is designed to empower people and organizations in various ways, adapting to their unique needs and goals.

How We Support Transformation:

  • Dynamic Trainings: Knowledge is power. We offer trainings in multiple formats—be it in-person, virtual, or asynchronous—to build capacities and skills. These sessions are tailored to equip individuals and teams with the necessary tools for growth and improvement.
  • Coaching and Technical Assistance: We go beyond one-time training. Our approach includes forming ongoing relationships with teams, providing coaching and technical assistance. This hands-on guidance helps them implement and evaluate their change efforts more effectively, fostering long-term success.
  • Technology for Autonomy: We’re champions of self-sufficiency. Our belief is that everyone can learn to work with their own data. To support this, we’ve developed a suite of technological solutions that not only help put great ideas into action but also gather data to refine future implementation strategies.

Our tools are more than just aids; they’re catalysts for meaningful change. By offering diverse methods of support, we ensure that good ideas don’t just emerge—they thrive and evolve

This Week In Public Health

At “This Week in Public Health”, we aim to do more than just share scientific literature; we strive to ignite joy and inspiration with every engagement. The realm of scientific research is immense and dynamic, often presenting a challenge to stay abreast of the latest developments. Our mission is to demystify this process. By streamlining and curating the latest studies, we make contemporary research not only accessible but also enthralling. Our goal is to transform each discovery into a moment of enlightenment and every update into a wellspring of inspiration.

Bridging the Knowledge-Application Gap in Public Health

A significant lag exists in public health research—a gap between groundbreaking discoveries and their practical application. Shockingly, it can take up to 17 years for research findings to be widely implemented, with only a fraction of these insights reaching those who could benefit most. This delay has far-reaching implications, affecting students, health sector businesses, and most critically, patients who miss out on advanced treatment options due to a lack of awareness among healthcare providers.

The barriers are manifold: scientific articles are often dense and inaccessible, and the sheer volume of research can be overwhelming. “This Week in Public Health” addresses this critical issue head-on. We offer free, easily digestible summaries of the latest public health research, ensuring that crucial information is not only accessible but also actionable for health consumers and practitioners in the community. Our commitment is to close this knowledge-application gap, ensuring that the newest findings in public health research are readily available for real-world impact.

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Layr Research: Making Scientific Data Accessible and Engaging

Revolutionizing Research with Layr Layr, formerly known as PubTrawlr, is revolutionizing the way people access and understand scientific results. Our innovative platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide on-demand, web-based information, making scientific research more accessible and engaging. Interested in how we’re transforming data into dazzling insights? Click the orange button to schedule a chat with Jon and explore the world of Layr!

Stay Updated with Our Weekly Newsletters As part of our commitment to the community, Layr publishes weekly newsletters on hot scientific topics. We sift through leading journals to spot trends, identify key topics, and offer curated reading recommendations. These insights are conveniently delivered straight to your inbox each week. Stay ahead of the curve by signing up below.

Newsletters-as-a-Service: Tailored Scientific Updates For those seeking the latest in both niche and broad scientific areas, our Newsletters-as-a-Service is the perfect solution. Get in touch to discover how you can stay current with the ever-evolving world of science.

Join Our Extended Beta Test Our open search feature is currently in an extended beta phase. If you’re keen to learn how Layr is enhancing user journeys to better serve researchers and practitioners, reach out to us. We’re eager to share how our platform is evolving to meet the needs of the scientific community.