Early morning DCG updates en route to Phoenix

Good morning from Terminal B in Philadelphia.

Representatives from our team will be meeting with WE in the World leadership in Phoenix later today to discuss measurement strategy over the coming calendar year. Has it been easy to get thousands of individuals across dozens of communities to use standardized forms to report on their progress toward vaccine equity and wellness. That’s a big nope. There have been several failure points, from editing to people failing to hit the “submit” button–all of which speak to the importance of good UI/UX.

This is also something we’ll be spending a huge chunk of time revising for PubTrawlr in the coming months. We have a few grants in the pipeline that would support extensive testing with several user populations–from academics to patients to students. Our goal is to have a more responsive “choose your own adventure” type of pathway that both increases freedom in exploring publications and provides a mechanism to learn how people engage with the literature.

Scaling Evaluation

We’ve also been designing an introductory evaluation package. Program evaluation is an important way to improve the effectiveness of programs and services. It provides valuable insights into how a program is working, which can help inform decision-making and ensure that resources are used effectively. By making program evaluation accessible to everyone, organizations can be sure they are getting the most out of their programs and services, and that they are being implemented in the best way possible.

We’re going to be doing this by offering, at a somewhat bonkers reduced cost, an off-the-shelf standardized evaluation to help get your organization started (or caught up) on your evaluation journey. So more to come on that.

The Week in Public Health

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Update: 4:00 pm Mountain time.

Getting slightly dizzy, spilled Sprite all over my keyboard. I asked chatGPT to write some jokes where the punchline is “Talk about a sticky situation!”

  1. Why did the fly fly into the glue trap? Talk about a sticky situation!
  2. How did the frog get out of the tar pit? Very slowly. Talk about a sticky situation!
  3. What did the bee say when it got stuck in the honey? “This is sweet, but talk about a sticky situation!”
  4. Why did the cookie go to the doctor? It was feeling crumbly. Talk about a sticky situation!
  5. What did the spider say when it got trapped in the web? “I’m spinning out of control! Talk about a sticky situation!”

We don’t need to worry about AI yet…