• SCRA career chat featuring Jon

    Hey all! Fifteen years ago I didn’t know what evaluation or community psychology were. Now, I feel like I’ve found a professional home that allows me to think, be creative,… Read More

  • Dawn Chorus Swag is available!

    More than TWO people have reached out to us about obtaining the most fashionable stuff around. So, we’re excited to announce that our new swag is now available for purchase!… Read More

  • Bringing the team together

    Updates to come, but here’s a glamour shot.

  • The drawbacks of using internet marketing in public health

    Just a quick finding from our research on the RISE project. Across all communities, we looked at the interrelationships between a few of the social determinants of health. The correlation… Read More

  • Reflections on Status as a Service, and the conundrum of Social Capital

    Guest post by our incredible friend and colleague, Kalie Wertz. Read all about her on our About page! “Numbers lend an air of legitimacy and credibility” – and yet, social… Read More

  • Reaching the Outcomes you want from Training

    We’ve been preparing to roll out some virtual trainings on our rmc2.org platform in the coming weeks. Because of that, it’s helpful to take a step back and think about… Read More

  • Analyzing change using the Pathways to Population Health Compass

    This is another one of those “writing a blog while I’m working” blogs. For the Rhode to Equity project, we administered three waves of the P2PH Compass. This tool actually… Read More

  • A new dawn (chorus)

    A new dawn (chorus)

    Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside. After several months of development, we’ve relaunched the Dawn Chorus… Read More

  • Solving a large data cleaning problem: an experiential live blog

    Solving a large data cleaning problem: an experiential live blog

    10:11 p.m. About five hours ago, a dear colleague said to me, “We need to have this data cleaned for the reports, oh, and it’s also going to be shown… Read More

  • Does this seem like it works as a process?

    The idea is to improve the quality control issues that we had in HRSA1 and make a cleaner way for the data to be reviewed. We’ll find out if this… Read More

  • Readiness, outcomes, and roles.

    Readiness, outcomes, and roles.

    Thanks to the vision and constant grinding of Dr. Janet Durbin of CAMH, we have empirical support that readiness differs depending on the role and level of leadership in an… Read More

  • Just a pretty picture