Big Things are coming to Dawn Chorus

First things first! We’ve brought on a new specialist, Meghan Blevins, to support our evaluation and research efforts. We love community psychologists, and are happy to have more working with us. Let this be a lesson to you community psychology students. There are cool roles out there for us! Do you like our current website?

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Shame on me; I forgot to make the data available.

About a year ago, Victoria and I published this great article looking at the themes and trends in implementation science. I mentioned at the bottom of the article that the data was available on our website. Now, a year later, I should make good on that. Click here to access the full dataset!

Readiness, outcomes, and roles.

Thanks to the vision and constant grinding of Dr. Janet Durbin of CAMH, we have empirical support that readiness differs depending on the role and level of leadership in an organization. That’s it. No need to bury the lede! Okay, here’s a bit more For a while, we had some challenges with readiness research. Recall

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A resource for collaborations

Over the past two-ish weeks, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to measure the qualities of collaborations. There’s certainly no shortage of frameworks to help with this. Several years ago, I was introduced to the idea of Relational Coordination, which focuses on how communication patterns contribute to how work gets done. There was even

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Using news as an evalution source

For our work in CDC-RISE, we are using all sorts of unobtrusive measures and data sources to understand conditions in the communities we are working with. This post over at our sister site, PubTrawlr, talks about how we looked at Health Equity stories in Missouri. Check it all out below.

Revisiting Elinor Ostrom

For ReSOLV, we’ve been discussing how this paper could be valuable in thinking through the different levels of readiness and readiness behaviors. The one thing that I really love is how we can think through the rules (both formal and informal) that govern different systems within a community. I ran through Elinor Ostrom in PubTrawlr

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