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Oh hey! As a lot of people know, we focus on getting good ideas into practice. That takes many forms, from evaluation, to research, to training, to technical assistance, to consultation, to data analysis, to software engineering (really!) and many more. More of our outward faces communications these days have been run through our sister

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Updates coming (soonish)

So, since the last time I dove into this site, we’ve have a bunch of projects start, a bunch of projects stop, and a lot of fun in between. I’ll provide a more thorough overhaul of what we’re doing, who we’re doing it with, and what we hope to accomplish. In some general news, though,

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Slightly Changing Focus

Quick site update here. Many of the syntheses articles I’ve been putting together are going to be migrating over to PubTrawlr. They align better with PubTrawlr’s mission around use of scientific findings. The Dawn Chorus blog will be used for reflections, book reviews, and off-the-beaten path analyses that doesn’t really have a home there. So

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Recent Trends in Health Equity Research

Let’s start at the beginning. Health outcomes can vary for no other reason than where people are born. And this isn’t even a “developed” vs. “developing” country distinction. In the US, zip code can be a huge predictor of health outcomes. This has been known for a long time and a major driven force in

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February-March Evaluation Research

What’s been going on with evaluation? Well, click here and head on over to PubTrawlr to find out! We wanted to call out this specific article on quality of life, since it has played really important role in our work with ECHO on burnout in nursing homes. We talked about COVID fatigue a few blogs

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Update Log: PubTrawlr Improvements

We just pushed some improvements out on the free tier of PubTrawlr. While many of them are cosmetic, there are three main ones to call out. Journal Weighting. We now generate a table that presents articles from the top 25% of their field. We combined a few metrics to determine this, but it boils down

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Data and Power

Data in itself is extremely powerful, and provides us with evidence that can motivate change.  While this is absolutely necessary for progress, we must still consider the “power” that the authors of Data Feminism, Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein (2020),  are proposing to examine and challenge. D’Ignazio and Klein (2020) aim to address areas within

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Docking into a Safe Harbor: Now Open

We wouldn’t be where are without the amazing open source communities that thrive around the internet, full stop. Anytime I had a debugging problem when putting together PubTrawlr or Readiness Learning Systems, I could almost always get back on the right track by going through posts on Stack Overflow or Medium. So why isn’t there

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February in Community Psychology

For such a short month, there’s a lot of new research. Check out PubTrawlr’s monthly synthesis of key community psychology journals at the button below. One article that stood out is Preventing Teen Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault through Bystander Training: Intervention Outcomes for School Personnel, which has relevance to both the ReSOLV project and

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February Retractions Report: Retraction Report!

The groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, so we’re down to the last two. I, for one, will welcome the ever-unpredictable March to the year. As expected, it was a light month for retractions. The main item of note is the retraction of this article led by Jamal Mansour out of Queen Margaret University,

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