Even More on Barriers and Facilitators

Happy Birthday, PubTrawlr! Today is the day PubTrawlr moves live and open for business. In honor of this occasion, I fired it up for one of my favorite topics; barriers and facilitators. In my humble opinion, barriers and facilitators work is stale. I think I’ve read hundreds of versions of the sentence, “Leadership and buy-in

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A December to Not Remember: Monthly Retractions

We’re going to start publishing notices and synthesis of monthly retractions. Science is fluid, and retractions aren’t a bad thing! It means that either something is not replicable, there are analytic problems, or (in the worst case) fraud has been caught. Let’s keep moving closer to the truth! Click on the gif below to go

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An Introduction to Readiness

Author’s Note: So this is a draft a book chapter that didn’t really go anywhere. I might go back to it at some point, but in the spirit of emptying the archives before rolling into the new year, I’m putting it up here. I wrote this back in June prepping for some work with The

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Journalism and Evaluation: Long lost siblings?

Much of our work here at Dawn Chorus is qualitative. Actually sitting down and talking to people can provide huge amount of data and nuance that gets lost in the numbers of survey. While there are courses in most graduate programs around qualitative methods, I’ve been wondering whether the particular set of skills that journalists

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The Month in Quality Improvement

I’ve recently gotten involved in the ECHO project, which helps to build COVID-19 and improvement capacity in nursing homes across the United States. This recent Axios article shows that this word is very timely. To help build my own improvement capability, I’m gotten back into the QI literature. Using PubTrawlr, I pulled from six of

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The Last Month in Community Psychology

It’s a been a long 30 days. For those of us involved in community-based projects and social justice initiatives, it can be exhausting to just stay on top of the news, let alone the academic research. To help the field out, we are going to be launching a monthly newsletter, The Last Month in Community

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Reading (and understanding) Scientific Articles

So you’ve started using PubTrawlr and you’re ready to dive deeper. You follow some links to the primary source, open then up….and it’s gobbledygook. Take a deep breath. This a very common experience. Articles are not easy to read. This isn’t the latest from Stephen King. There is likely to be a ton of jargon.

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Will QCA ever happen? The Promises of the Dark Carnival.

In Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, a mysterious carnival comes to town and promises to grant the secret desires of the residents…at a price. Researchers have these desires, too. We are searching for the next method, the next data set that will yield wonderful findings and allow us to have an impact on

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