• Catching up with Heath Equity in March 2023

    A long time ago, on the other site, I used to do these monthly recaps of trends and themes in the published literature on specific topics. I got away from… Read More

  • New CDC Study Reveals Factors Driving COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Decisions Among US Adults

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to our lives, resulting in a global health crisis that has left many communities struggling to cope. While vaccination efforts have provided some… Read More

  • Design Thinking and Community-Based Research

    Design Thinking and Community-Based Research

    The NJHI project is wrapping up. As I put together the final report, I spread out all the data sources and artifacts that we’ve collected over the last few years…. Read More

  • Catching up on Collaboration Research

    Catching up on Collaboration Research

    Comments on the Consolidated Framework for Collaboration Research. In the RISE project, our friend and colleague Jason Turi is coordinating our inquiry into how coalitions work with one another. One… Read More

  • How many $$$$$ is your title worth?

    RWJF maintains a database of all awards they have granted since 1972; a number that comes up to around 30,000 awards. We’ve been looking more deeply at what wasn’t funded… Read More

  • Digging into some CDC data

    Digging into some CDC data

    This is another one of those live blog post that I write while I do some data analyses. I hope you find this interested to see how we approach the… Read More

  • Effective Twitter Use Among PA Congressional Representatives

    Effective Twitter Use Among PA Congressional Representatives

    In our work for the RISE project, we have been looking at how different organizations have used Twitter to spread public health messages. These organizations aren’t the only ones with… Read More

  • Using news as an evalution source

    For our work in CDC-RISE, we are using all sorts of unobtrusive measures and data sources to understand conditions in the communities we are working with. This post over at… Read More

  • Community Psychology Topical Interest Group Business Meeting: Planning for the future

    It’s been a busy year for the American Evaluation Association’s Community Psychology Topical Interest Group. Over the past few years, we have grown from just a small group of disconnected… Read More

  • The Brief Readiness Thinking Tool

    As we get closer to our official launch of the Readiness Learning System, we wanted to promote the Brief Readiness Thinking Tool. This easy-to-use document helps your team deeply consider… Read More