Another look at supershoes: The Marathon

In a recent post, I delved into the remarkable impact of Supershoes on the performance of athletes in the men’s 5000 meters race. The findings were nothing short of astonishing.

Building upon my previous analysis, I implemented the same coding methodology, considering any race occurring in 2019 or later as being supershoe-aided.

The influence of Supershoes in the men’s marathon is likely to be even more pronounced compared to the 5000 meters event. With the increased distance and endurance required in a marathon, the potential benefits offered by Supershoes become even more evident. The marathon is a grueling test of stamina, and any advantage, no matter how small, can be a game-changer.

And wow, it has made a huge difference.

Supershoes have dramatically improved marathon performance.

Supershoes provide a predicted advantage of 246 seconds over the course of the 26.2 mile distance. That’s nine seconds per mile! Whooosh! Also, like in the 5000, you can also see the crackdown on performance-enhancing drugs in this scatterplot.

But what about the women?

Sure, let’s pull that data, too.

Supershoe-aided times in the Women’s Marathon

So, there’s another clear drop in times here. Supershoes provided about a 218-second advantage over the race, or about 8 seconds per mile.

For more information about where and how I scrapped this data using R, check out an earlier post about Usain Bolt. Now I’m going out to suffer through a non-supershoe-aided five-mile run in the brutal Pennsylvania summer humidity.

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