Program evaluation is the systematic examination of a program or policy with the aim of improving its effectiveness, efficiency, and equity. It can involve assessing individual programs, as well as entire service systems. Evaluation methods vary but typically include collecting and analyzing data, along with stakeholder interviews and focus groups. Learn about how we work with organizations to help them improve and implement better.


Community-based problems can be complex. We often want to know what works and why it works. We maintain a rich portfolio of applied research projects to help learn how to improve how organizations engage in communities to promote positive change. We strongly believe that science should be open and accessible and aim to disseminate our findings broadly.


Change is not easy. We have implemented a number of technology-based solutions to help community stakeholders better use data, contribute and record their learning, and discover better pathways to change. Learn more about how you can more effectively leverage data in your work to solve community challenges.

Announcing: Reading Scientific Articles like a Scientist

Reading scientific articles can be difficult because they are often dense and filled with jargon. They also concisely present complex findings, making them difficult to understand. Finally, scientific articles sometimes… Read More

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