Why You Should Join the Conference Planning Committee for GIS 2024

You (yes you) have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of change and innovation in the field of implementation science. 

By choosing to volunteer for the conference planning committee of the 2024 Global Implementation Society (GIS) Conference, in collaboration with the Nigerian Implementation Science Alliance (NISA), you’re doing much more than simply offering your skills and time. You are joining a powerful movement actively shaping the future of vital sectors like health, education, and human services globally.

Top Reasons to Volunteer for the GIS 2024 Conference Planning Committee

  1. Join a Movement for Global Change: The GIS 2024 Conference is much more than an event. It’s a driving force for progress, equity, and inclusion worldwide. Your participation actively shapes a global conversation, influencing real change and impacting professionals globally.
  2. Network with Industry Leaders: This is your chance to connect with a diverse array of experts, practitioners, and leaders. Forge lasting relationships with potential mentors, collaborators, and friends who share your passion for implementation science.
  3. Enhance Your Skillset: Volunteering offers a dynamic environment to develop and refine a variety of skills, from event planning to team coordination. This experience will not only test but also improve your professional abilities, making you more versatile and valuable.
  4. Access Cutting-Edge Insights: Get an insider’s view of the latest trends and research in implementation science. Your role on the committee isn’t just observational; you’re a key part of the dialogue, gaining knowledge that puts you at the forefront of your field.
  5. Impact the Field You Love: Your involvement is pivotal to the conference’s success. You’re shaping an event that will host critical discussions and spark innovative ideas, playing a crucial role in creating a conducive atmosphere for these conversations.
  6. Experience Cultural Diversity: The conference’s location in Nigeria, in collaboration with NISA, promises a unique cultural experience. Embrace this opportunity to immerse yourself in different perspectives and practices, enriching your understanding of implementation science in a global context.
  7. Earn Recognition for Your Efforts: Your hard work as a volunteer won’t go unnoticed. Being part of the committee places you in a leadership position, earning you recognition as a significant contributor to a major global initiative.
  8. Connect and create relationships that impact and last: Work with others who are committed and care about the same things you do but may offer different and varied perspectives. This is the heart of relationships: sharing ideas, energy and interactions that advance yourself, your field and create experiences and opportunities that are engaging and memorable.  
  9. Experiment in a safe environment.  This is an opportunity to test your ideas and advance your hypotheses.  With the backdrop of professionals across of spectrum of sectors and mastery, you can experiment with your approach as feedback and guidance are certain to help you and the science simultaneously.
  10. Find Personal Fulfillment: Beyond professional gains, the personal satisfaction and growth you will experience are immense. Being part of this committee means contributing to positive change, giving you a profound sense of purpose and achievement.

Volunteering for the GIS 2024 conference planning committee is more than a commitment; it’s a journey of growth, learning, and impactful contribution. You have the chance to make a difference, to be part of a team that’s driving change in a field that touches lives across the globe. So, take this step, contribute your talents, and be part of shaping a landmark event in the world of implementation science. Your journey starts here.

For more information, contact me at jon [at] dawnchorusgroup.com or Mad at madelin [at] gpsforgrowth.com