What are our local graduates doing?

As some people know, I’m a failed school board candidate. Despite that, I have a keen interest in the development of the youth in our community. We community psychologists have to pay attention to our own backyards, after all.

In order to explore more fully what Exeter High School graduates are doing, I systematically went through the High School’s Facebook page and coded what each student reported they were doing.

The results can be seen below in this Sankey diagram (which is a way to organize flow).

For those who might be unfamiliar, PASSHE stands for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. It’s a governing body overseeing public universities in Pennsylvania. The system includes 14 universities spread across the state and is distinct from the non-PASSHE schools of Penn State, Pitt, Temple, Lincoln and Cheney (the last two being Historical Black Universities (HBCUs)

Let’s break this down a little more. Twenty-eight graduates are headed to Penn State. That’s almost ten percent of the entire class!

The students going into the military break down the following way:

What else is there to say but Godspeed!

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