The Last Month in Community Psychology

It’s a been a long 30 days.

For those of us involved in community-based projects and social justice initiatives, it can be exhausting to just stay on top of the news, let alone the academic research. To help the field out, we are going to be launching a monthly newsletter, The Last Month in Community Psychology.

A bit of background. I identify professionally as a community psychologist. What that means is I work with people within systems to make large scale changes to impact the health and wellness (broadly defined) of the community. A part of that is my work with PubTrawlr improving how people access the scientific literature.

Just like we have a free tier of PubTrawlr, we are developer free tier levels of 101 Days of Science. It only makes that we start in my professional home. What this report does is summarize the last month across a few key journals by running some basic statistics on them.

We have a bunch of other content domains lined up such as:

  • Implementation Science
  • Evaluation
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Criminology

Check out a sneak preview issue below. Let us know either in the comments or via email what you’d like to see added to make this more useful.