The Art of Readiness

The article titled The ART of Readiness: A Practical Tool for Implementation Tailoring at the Activity Level presents a groundbreaking approach to implementation science, offering a practical tool named the Activity Readiness Tool (ART). This tool is designed to assess the readiness for specific activities within a larger implementation effort, focusing on discrete determinants of practice through an implementation readiness lens. In this blog, we’ll delve into how the ART can revolutionize evaluation practice and guide organizations in diversifying their funding by enabling more targeted and effective implementation strategies.

Understanding the ART: A Game-Changer in Implementation Science

The ART emerges as a response to the need for more practical and feasible implementation strategies in real-world settings. Traditional implementation strategies often face challenges due to their complexity and misalignment with practitioner priorities. The ART offers a solution with its rapid, user-friendly approach, making it a valuable companion to existing evidence-based tailoring methods.

The Essence of ART: Simplifying Readiness Assessment

At its core, the ART is a brief, practitioner-friendly survey designed to rapidly assess readiness for specific implementation activities. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is highly adaptable to various contexts. This makes it particularly useful for organizations operating under tight resource and time constraints.

Real-World Application: Making Theory Practical

The article provides a case example demonstrating the ART’s application in a healthcare setting, specifically in the Integrated Care Leadership Program (ICLP). This example underscores the tool’s practicality in assessing readiness for activities like mental health screenings and developing electronic medical records, crucial for integrated care implementation.

Implications for Evaluation Practice and Diversifying Funding

  1. Enhanced Participant Engagement: The ART’s simplicity and relevance encourage high engagement levels from stakeholders, making the evaluation process more inclusive and effective.
  2. Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustment: It enables continuous monitoring of implementation activities, allowing organizations to adapt their strategies dynamically, increasing the chances of successful implementation.
  3. Compatibility with Other Tools: The ART can be used alongside other implementation tools and strategies, making it a versatile asset in any evaluator’s toolkit.

Diversifying Funding with ART

For organizations looking to diversify their funding, the ART offers a strategic advantage. By providing clear insights into the readiness for specific activities, organizations can present more targeted and convincing proposals to potential funders. This specificity can appeal to funders looking for impactful and efficient use of their resources.

Inspiring Readers to Explore Further

The article “The ART of Readiness: A Practical Tool for Implementation Tailoring at the Activity Level” offers a wealth of information and practical insights. For those interested in diving deeper into implementation science and its applications, this article is an invaluable resource. It not only presents the theoretical underpinnings of the ART but also provides real-world examples of its application, making it a must-read for anyone involved in implementation efforts.


The Activity Readiness Tool stands out as a significant advancement in implementation science. Its practicality and adaptability make it an essential tool for organizations striving to improve their evaluation practices and seeking to diversify their funding sources.

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