TA can work….if we study it well.

Our friend and colleague Victoria Scott just published a large scoping review on TA effectiveness evidence. She writes:

Advances in the science and practice of TA hinge on understanding which aspects of TA are effective, and when, how, and for whom these aspects of TA are effective. Addressing these core questions requires (i) a widely adopted standard definition for TA; (ii) more robust and rigorous evaluation research designs that involve comparison groups and assessment of direct, indirect, and longitudinal outcomes; (iii) increased use of reliable and objective measures of TA outcomes; and (iv) the development of reporting standards

Read more at the open-access article below

A scoping review of the evaluation and effectiveness of technical assistance

We here at Dawn Chorus will be using a lot of these ideas in an upcoming project with Energize Delaware. Moving just a bit into the future, we want to automate the TA tracking practice so we can connect this to appropriate change management support. All this and more will be coming at www.rmc2.org, so stay tuned!