Pioneering Readiness in Organizational Change

At the forefront of organizational readiness research, we’ve been trailblazers for over a decade, setting the standard with our R=MC2 framework. This innovative approach has been applied nearly a hundred times across various settings, cementing our position as leaders in the field. Our commitment goes beyond mere measurement; we focus on fostering readiness as a fundamental tool for successful implementation in diverse projects and environments.

Readiness is not just a static checkpoint; it’s a dynamic, ongoing process essential for quality outcomes. Our expertise lies in identifying the conditions that impact project success, particularly the fluctuating levels of team motivation and capability. We understand that readiness is unique to each innovation, requiring tailored approaches for different initiatives. Recognizing this, we offer specialized workshops and trainings designed to build and sustain readiness over time, ensuring that your team is equipped to navigate the complexities of change at every organizational level. With our guidance, you can transform readiness into a powerful catalyst for effective change, driving success in any setting.”

Download the open-source Readiness Thinking Tool below. Feel free to modify, change, and adapt to your heart’s content.  It’s in .docx form to make it extra easy for you.

readiness thinking tool 101922