Research Weaving: An infographic

As part of the SBIR, we are going to be tasked with pulling together lots of different sources of textual and metatextual data to determine the state of the science. The people over at Campbell are kings and queens of this process, but I recently found work by Nakagawa et al (2019) that outlines how such as process might be done.

From Nakagawa, S., Samarasinghe, G., Haddaway, N. R., Westgate, M. J., O’Dea, R. E., Noble, D. W., & Lagisz, M. (2019). Research weaving: visualizing the future of research synthesis. Trends in ecology & evolution34(3), 224-238.

This really aligns with the amazing book on the Science of Science by Wang and Barabasi, so we are looking forward to taking PubTrawlr to the next level….where we don’t just describe the literature, but use it to make predictions.

More to come!