The Rhode To Equity

What does it take to really integrate equity into population and community health? The state of Rhode Island has been support community-based teams as they work toward improving the scope of their outreach efforts. More recently, this has included integrated community health workers as active participants, leaders, and community champions.  Our approach to learning has been participatory and multi-method.

Looking at how health equity is implemented in different portfolios.

A key aspect of the Rhode 2 Equity is the diversity of work.  Teams strive to address many social determinants impacting overall health and wellbeing.

The Compass

One of our key tools has been the Pathways to Population Health Compass. This tool provides both a benchmark for learning but also a method for teams to discuss their progress with one another.

You can download a read-only copy of the Compass at the link below.

Revised Compass for RIDOH 061021

Read more about our use of the Compass in Rhode to Equity in this blog post.