• Multi-sector plans for Aging

    The Age-Friendly Health Care Package for State Multi-sector Plans for Aging is a grant-funded project to improve care for older adults. The project brings together three separate initiatives focused on… Read More

  • CDC strengthening IPC

    Under the leadership of our friends at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, together with the Public Health Foundation, we are working to enhance the proficiency of the US public health… Read More

  • SparX

    Violence in the military encompasses various forms of abuse, including sexual assault, harassment, domestic and child abuse, and suicide. The military’s approach to violence prevention has traditionally been through response… Read More

  • Supportive and Inclusive Teams for Equity

    Clinical teams know they need to work on equity and inclusion but may not know how to approach it. We are working with a project team on the Durham Veterans’… Read More


    Information coming soon In the meanwhile, here’s this

  • HRSA

    Communities all over the country mobilized formal and informal organizations to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  The RISE partnership coordinated a huge data collection strategy to get information on community wellbeing… Read More

  • The Rhode To Equity

    What does it take to really integrate equity into population and community health? The state of Rhode Island has been support community-based teams as they work toward improving the scope… Read More

  • Communities RISE Together

    Bouncing back from COVID takes collaboration and coordination between thousands of community-based partners and governmental agencies. We work to curate and report back data from these communities so stakeholders can… Read More

  • Energize Delaware Empowerment Grant

    Energy is more than a policy issue. It is an equity issue. The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utilities (DESEU) Empowerment Grants seek to implement impactful and innovative energy equity projects in… Read More