New Home!

Oh hey! As a lot of people know, we focus on getting good ideas into practice. That takes many forms, from evaluation, to research, to training, to technical assistance, to consultation, to data analysis, to software engineering (really!) and many more.

More of our outward faces communications these days have been run through our sister company, PubTrawlr. If you haven’t read about some of the neat stuff that we’re doing and writing about, well mosey on over to our blog, which is lively, fun, and informative. It’s a triple threat!

In the meanwhile, Dawn Chorus has moved to downtown Reading in the brand new O’Pake Institute’s business accelerator at Alvernia University. We hope to have more of an impact in the places that we live by being down there as part of the business solution. And hey, maybe we can meet face to face some time? There’s going to be a Starbucks there too, and I love me some pumpkin spice.

In the not to distant future, we’ll also be launching our tentatively named, “Readiness Learning System.” Our hope it to provide tools for people to make sense of their data so they can tell better stories and grow their work.

See you ’round!