January Retractions

This is PubTrawlr’s monthly retraction notice.

At first, it appeared that the journal of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment really took it on the chin with a series of article from what appears to be one lab. The editors specifically remark:

Following the conclusion of our investigation the decision has been made to retract the published article. The authors did not provide the required IRB and informed consent information relating to this study and it was determined the study did not meet the standard ethical publication requirements for studies involving human subjects in research. These requirements are based on guidelines issued by the World Medical Association and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Additionally, the authors did not provide the required study protocols, raw data and other study documents relating to this study as requested. Given our concerns about the standard of research ethics, competing interests and that the authors have not supplied the information we requested to verify and validate the reported findings, the editor has determined the article should be retracted.

Digging a little deeper, I found this article about the lead author A Skeptical Look at Dr. Marty Hinz and His Views of “Neurotranmitter-Related Diseases”, which actually references the particular set of work that is retracted here. The byline has a 2019 date, but notes an article update of 12.23.20 at the bottom. Basically, the nine retractions between Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment and International Journal of General Medicine can be attributed to one researcher: Marty Hinz.

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Quick P.S. update: Another article from Retraction Watch.