February-March Evaluation Research

What’s been going on with evaluation? Well, click here and head on over to PubTrawlr to find out!

We wanted to call out this specific article on quality of life, since it has played really important role in our work with ECHO on burnout in nursing homes. We talked about COVID fatigue a few blogs ago, and it’s going to continue to be a huge issue as we get close (but not quite there) to returning to the new normal.

How to foster employee quality of life: The role of employee performance management and authentic leadership

There’s also some interesting work being done with neural networks, and far be it from us to shy away from flashy objects.

In some other evaluation commentary, AEA is going to be virtual again this year. A bummer, to be sure, since I (Jon) has always found that the most valuable part of conferences the conversation that occur between session. The presentations are always a crap shoot: some good, some garbage. But the conversations?


Victoria and I keep plugging away on our “Bot to AEA 2020” article, so look for this relatively soon.