First out of the gate.

So this is the relaunch of Dawn Chorus.

For the past ten years or so, I’ve been working with a group out of South Carolina. In the way that bands sometimes grow apart over creative direction, so did that group. I’ve taken a really cool portfolio of projects with me to restart and refocus on Dawn Chorus.

Broadly what helps to make organizations function better? How can we facilitate the use of good ideas in order to make an impact in the community?

For a long time, I’ve been interested in the readiness of organizations and coalitions to do new things. Together with colleagues, we developed the R=MC2 model which says that readiness is a function of motivation, innovation-specific capacity, and general capacity. There are lots of ways to measure and act on that type of information.

Lately, I’ve been moving into using computer-assisted methods like natural language processing to better understand the huge amounts of qualitative data that goes unanalyzed. We will launched a few projects related to synthesis of scientific information.

And about the name.

Back in early 2007, internet sleuths managed to find out that Radiohead had registered a few new company names, included Dawn Chorus. It would later turn out that Thom had been working on a song of the same name for several year, which eventually was released on his 3rd solo album, Anima. So this company precedes that album (probably not that song) but is a cool phrase nonetheless.

After all, is there anything more delightful than hearing a cacophony of chirps on a fresh spring morning while the sun comes up?