Evolving and Innovating: Layr Research and Our Commitment to Bridge the Gap Between Research and Practice

Hello everyone,

I’m thrilled to be sharing some exciting news with you today. We’re turning a new page in our journey, and I am honored to usher in this transformative era for our company. As the CEO of Layr Research, previously known as PubTrawlr, I can tell you that we’ve had a vision of accelerating the spread of new ideas and making data more accessible and engaging. With our rebranding, we’ve taken an enormous leap toward realizing this vision.

Layr Research, our new identity, is not just a name. It symbolizes the evolution of our company and the embodiment of our commitment to drive the utilization of artificial intelligence to its full potential. It marks a significant step in our mission to bridge the gap between research and practice, making science accessible to all. 

Our brand metaphor for Layr Research and our flagship product, ChatLayr, centers on the concept of layering, the building up of dimensions to form a comprehensive understanding. Our offerings strive to integrate with existing systems in a seamless way, enabling a new layer of knowledge and understanding. We want to enrich data ecosystems and empower users to access valuable insights that they might otherwise overlook.

ChatLayr, an innovative AI productivity layer, is our flagship offering under this new brand. It embodies our desire to help organizations leverage AI technology more efficiently and effectively. It empowers organizations to streamline information discovery, optimize workflows, and enhance decision-making. We’re leveraging AI to bring a new level of efficiency and intelligence to digital experiences, enabling users to extract meaningful insights from complex data sets.

The rebranding from PubTrawlr to Layr Research reaffirms our dedication to growth, innovation, and transformative solutions. We’ve always been driven by the notion that science is a public good. With this rebranding, we aim to accelerate the spread of new ideas and make science more accessible to everyone and in doing so, lead the way in the AI industry.

The path to the future is paved with endless possibilities, and I am eager for us to embark on this new chapter as Layr Research. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. I look forward to sharing our exciting journey with you as we continue to innovate and redefine the ResearchTech landscape.