Did we submit to Y Combinator? We did.

Imposter syndrome is a funny thing. Lots of really successful people have it, so that should make it normative. But it’s not. I still worry that we could be doing much better, that we could be doing much more.

One of the Gold Standard accelerator programs is Y Combinator. Big name companies like Stripe, Coinbase, Reddit, Airbnb, Dropbox, and many more are successful alumni. That’s intimidating.

But we’re talking our shot. Steve and I submitted an application and we’ll keep you all posted about what happens.

But in the meanwhile

This in no way slows the progress we’ve been making behind the scenes to make PubTrawlr better and more useful. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our This week in Science Newsletter. The most cutting-edge research, right in your inbox. We’ve also set up a referral program, so if you can get some of your friends to sign up, all sorts of rewards and swag are waiting for you. We also have $1000 on the line for the person with the most referrals by Halloween, so get referring!

You want other content?

Here’s our Founder Video for Y combinator. It’s meant to be super casual.

And here are Jon and Steve hard at work on the application (Yes, these are from DallE)