Countdown to the Global Implementation Conference

The Global Implementation Society promotes research, effective implementation, and scaling practices. This is accomplished by fostering a professional community supported by globally engaged regional leadership. GIS disseminates knowledge designed to reach global audiences through various communication channels and languages. GIS is a trusted resource for implementation tools and standards and useful information, strategic partnerships, and policy solutions designed to improve outcomes for children, families, individuals, and communities worldwide.

The Global Implementation Conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners worldwide. The 2024 Conference, centered in Chile, will feature regional hubs worldwide, places like Pakistan, Nigeria, Palestine, and more.

And I’m the chair. Hopefully the co-chair at some point.

As part of our planning process, we look at several themes to help center submissions and our discussion. None of these are final, nor are they mutually exclusive. Please take a look below and let us know what you think! We are including YOUR voice as we move through this process over the next year.

Potential Themes for a Global Implementation Audience

  • Global Progress is Sustainability Progress: Highlighting the expansive nature of implementation science, this theme underscores its adaptability and wide-ranging applications, demonstrating that its potential extends far beyond the confines of the health sciences arena. It positions implementation science as an indispensable ally in realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The theme will curate a rich tapestry of insights, experiences, and case studies as we traverse this journey. The focus will be on illuminating how, through individual ingenuity and collaborative synergy, implementation science methodologies are harnessed to carve pathways to a sustainable future. This exploration promises a comprehensive understanding of the strategies that can address many sectors and the multifaceted challenges they present on a global scale.
  • Implementation Science Needs Implementation Practice: Zeroing in on the pressing demand for tangible applications of academic theories, this theme emphasizes the vital interplay between scholarly insights and on-ground execution. Recognizing that academic research often holds the key to innovative solutions, the theme accentuates the necessity to translate these theoretical paradigms into actionable blueprints. By spotlighting successful case studies, lessons learned, and the challenges faced during this translation process, we aim to foster a collaborative environment. This environment will advocate for the dynamic exchange of ideas and insights between researchers and practitioners, ultimately catalyzing the active deployment of tried-and-tested strategies. The end goal is clear: harnessing the depth of academic knowledge to drive impactful and measurable changes in the real world.
  • Vision 2064–The role of youth in pushing implementation science forward: With a forward-thinking perspective, this theme deeply explores the youth’s boundless potential and inherent dynamism in propelling implementation science to new heights. Recognizing the fresh perspectives, resilience, and adaptability that young individuals bring, it seeks to shed light on the myriad innovative ways they are already making significant contributions. Furthermore, the theme underscores the importance of nurturing and equipping young minds through collaborative efforts, mentorship, and fostering inclusive platforms. Their enthusiasm, combined with the seasoned experience of industry veterans, paints a promising picture for the future. Together, we anticipate their transformative impact, shaping the trajectory of implementation science over the next 40 years.
  • Cientos de culturas: un objetivo común: Celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural contexts across the globe, this theme accentuates the vitality of embracing and championing diversity in our quest for shared implementation objectives. With a strong commitment to inclusivity, we aim to showcase presentations that reflect a broad spectrum of experiences delivered in multiple languages to truly resonate with diverse audiences. The emphasis will be on understanding and appreciating how tailored strategies, born from unique cultural insights, can drive meaningful impact in many sociocultural settings. This convergence of diverse contributions promises to enrich our collective understanding and foster a more holistic approach to implementation.
  • Tech-Driven Implementation: The Future of Global Change: Venturing into technological advancements, this theme delves into technology’s pivotal role in orchestrating large-scale transformations across sectors. We seek to illuminate the multifaceted ways these technologies are reshaping the implementation landscape with an emphasis on integrating and applying digital tools, the profound capabilities of artificial intelligence, and the disruptive power of emerging tech innovations. Beyond just tools, these technologies represent a paradigm shift, offering novel approaches, enhancing precision, and amplifying reach in our collective quest to devise and deploy effective global solutions.
  • Ecosystems of Change: Building Effective Partnerships: Recognizing that the power of collaboration is fundamental to successful implementation, this theme dives deep into the intricate dynamics of forging and fortifying transnational alliances. In an ever-globalizing world, the potential of these cross-border collaborations is unparalleled, promising the pooling of resources, knowledge, and expertise that transcend geographical boundaries. We’ll explore the nuances of initiating dialogue, understanding mutual objectives, and navigating cultural and operational differences. Emphasizing both the journey and the outcome, the theme will highlight best practices, real-world case studies, and the transformative potential of harnessing the collective strength of partnerships, whether regional or across continents.
  • Local Solutions to Global Challenges: Focusing intently on the grassroots level, this theme magnifies the profound influence of local initiatives and their potential ripple effect on a global scale. By raising micro-stories from diverse corners of the world, we aim to paint a vivid picture of how the nuances of local context, when deeply understood and harnessed, can catalyze overarching global change. These narratives will provide invaluable insights into the adaptability and scalability of grassroots solutions. Moreover, the theme is a tribute to the unsung local heroes — the change-makers and innovators — whose passion, resilience, and ingenuity offer transformative solutions. Their stories testify that global impact often begins with local action.
  • Empowering Education: Harnessing Implementation Science for Global Achievement. This theme underscores the transformative potential of implementation science in revolutionizing educational landscapes globally. Recognizing education as the bedrock of societal progress, it delves deep into how strategic, evidence-based approaches can be tailored to diverse learning environments. The spotlight will be on sharing best practices, case studies, and novel strategies anchored in implementation science that drive tangible gains in student achievement across varied sociocultural contexts. By facilitating a nexus between educators, policymakers, and implementation scientists, we aim to foster a unified vision: ensuring every learner, regardless of geography or background, benefits from the best pedagogical methods and achieves their fullest potential.

Which one resonates with you? Let us know in the poll below and/or in the comments.

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