A Ghost of Research Past: Developing a measure for R=MC2

A few years ago, I was involved in a project to develop a readiness measure based in the R=MC2 framework. I developed this model back in grad school, and continued to develop it over the next few years in my dissertation work and with past colleagues at the Wandersman Center. Under the leadership of Maria Fernandez at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, we successfully obtained an R01 research grant to further develop a comprehensive tool.

So, just published today is a study protocol article in Implementation Science Communications. Hit the button below to go right to it.

The article is open source, meaning you can get all the gory details about how the team plans to develop a really rigorous measure to assess readiness to implement colorectal cancer screening, and how this general tool can be extend to other content areas.

While I’m not longer involved with this team, it’s great to see progress toward a psychometrically robust tool. Now, I have my own ideas about how to accelerate the measurement process and triangulate readiness using more mixed methods, while circumventing the type of laborious lifecycle this protocol gets at….

…but the full rollout of those ideas will have to wait a few months. STAY TUNED.