• Recent Trends in Health Equity Research

    Recent Trends in Health Equity Research

    Let’s start at the beginning. Health outcomes can vary for no other reason than where people are born. And this isn’t even a “developed” vs. “developing” country distinction. In the… Read More

  • February-March Evaluation Research

    February-March Evaluation Research

    What’s been going on with evaluation? Well, click here and head on over to PubTrawlr to find out! We wanted to call out this specific article on quality of life,… Read More

  • Update Log: PubTrawlr Improvements

    Update Log: PubTrawlr Improvements

    We just pushed some improvements out on the free tier of PubTrawlr. While many of them are cosmetic, there are three main ones to call out. Journal Weighting. We now… Read More

  • Data and Power

    Data and Power

    Data in itself is extremely powerful, and provides us with evidence that can motivate change.  While this is absolutely necessary for progress, we must still consider the “power” that the… Read More

  • Docking into a Safe Harbor: Now Open

    Docking into a Safe Harbor: Now Open

    We wouldn’t be where are without the amazing open source communities that thrive around the internet, full stop. Anytime I had a debugging problem when putting together PubTrawlr or Readiness… Read More

  • February in Community Psychology

    February in Community Psychology

    For such a short month, there’s a lot of new research. Check out PubTrawlr’s monthly synthesis of key community psychology journals at the button below. One article that stood out… Read More