Just-in-Time Evaluation

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Program with Dawn Chorus Group’s Just-in-Time Evaluation Package – Only $4,497!

At Dawn Chorus Group, we believe effective evaluation should be within everyone’s reach. That’s why we’ve crafted our Just-in-Time evaluation package, a comprehensive yet affordable solution tailored to maximize your program’s impact.

Here’s What You Get:

One-Hour Discovery Call: Jumpstart your evaluation with a strategic consultation. We’ll align with your goals and craft pivotal questions to guide our research, unlocking deep insights for program enhancement.

Customized Survey Design: Post-consultation, we’ll create a survey targeting key data points. Designed for ease and efficiency, this survey ensures reliable, relevant data collection, laying the foundation for informed decisions.

Five In-Depth Interviews: Delve deeper with up to five interviews, chosen by you. These sessions are goldmines for nuanced understanding, adding layers of context and experience to our data pool.

Comprehensive Report & Stakeholder Presentation: All findings are synthesized into an easy-to-digest report, complete with an executive summary, key insights, and pragmatic recommendations. Plus, we’ll share these insights in a stakeholder presentation, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed.

Why Choose Just-in-Time?

Affordability Meets Quality: Get an all-encompassing evaluation process – discovery, survey, interviews, analysis, and reporting – at an unbeatable price.

Customizability: Need more? We’re flexible. Tailor our services to fit your unique requirements.

Invest in your program’s success with Dawn Chorus Group. Take the first step towards transformative insights and actionable solutions today!

For more information, contact us at mel@dawnchorusgroup.com