Data Analyses

Data is becoming increasingly central to all aspects of our lives. Let us help you figure out what it means!

Our team can help organizations unlock the hidden potential in their data. Our expertise allows us to find patterns and insights that others may miss. Our data analysis services will help your organization make better decisions and drive actionable results. We specialize in creating intelligent dashboards, uncovering trends, building predictive models, and automating reports. With our knowledge, you can stay ahead of the curve and become a leader in your industry.

Our team can provide the following types of data analysis:

  • Descriptive Analysis – Uncovering patterns and relationships in existing data.
  • Predictive Analysis – Creating models to predict future outcomes better.
  • Prescriptive Analysis – Discovering actionable insights to drive decision-making.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis – Finding anomalies, outliers, and trends.
  • Cluster Analysis – Grouping data into meaningful segments for further study.
  • And more

We specialize in extracting meaningful insights from large volumes of text-based data; traditional methods are often limited in their ability to do so. Fortunately, natural language processing (NLP) offers a powerful solution for obtaining actionable intelligence from text-based sources.

We specialize in leveraging NLP technologies to unlock valuable insights from text-based data. We can help you uncover patterns and hidden relationships within your existing data sets, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of stakeholder behaviors and preferences. This information can be used to inform decisions that lead to better outcomes.

Our data scientists can apply sophisticated algorithms to classify and categorize data more accurately and efficiently than ever. This helps reduce manual labor while empowering end users with the necessary tools for making better-informed decisions quickly and effectively. We also work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions tailored to their needs, including text mining, summarization, sentiment analysis, language translation, simplification, and more!

Check out This Week in Public Health, our AI-powered dissemination initiative, for a key example of this work.