Coaching and Technical Assistance

Sometimes, we need outside voices to help us understand the paths that make the most sense.

Technical assistance and coaching can be invaluable for organizations and individuals working in the social services sector. By providing trained professionals with the knowledge to respond to complex situations, organizations can ensure that services are more effective and better meet the needs of those they are helping.

We offer technical assistance and coaching services to help social service providers maximize their impact. Our team of experts has extensive experience in project development and management, evaluation, public health practices, organizational capacity building, and more. We work closely with all levels of government, non-profit organizations, research institutions, community-based organizations, caregivers, law enforcement officers and other stakeholders to provide comprehensive support for those who work in this field.

We believe that social service providers should have access to resources that enable them to excel at their job. That’s why we provide technical assistance on topics such as community outreach strategies, program design, and implementation methods; we also offer to coach on topics ranging from communication techniques to management protocols. Our goal is always to empower our clients with the skills they need to make a positive difference in their communities by delivering quality services.

With our expertise in this area combined with our commitment to helping social service providers be successful, you can trust us with any technical assistance or coaching needs you may have.

To learn more check out this paper authors by Toni Lewis, Coaching Practice in Public Health Partnership, or reach out to her at