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New Home!

Oh hey! As a lot of people know, we focus on getting good ideas into practice. That takes many forms, from evaluation, to research, to training, to technical assistance, to consultation, to data analysis, to software engineering (really!) and many more. More of our outward faces communications these days have been run through our sister

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Updates coming (soonish)

So, since the last time I dove into this site, we’ve have a bunch of projects start, a bunch of projects stop, and a lot of fun in between. I’ll provide a more thorough overhaul of what we’re doing, who we’re doing it with, and what we hope to accomplish. In some general news, though,

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Slightly Changing Focus

Quick site update here. Many of the syntheses articles I’ve been putting together are going to be migrating over to PubTrawlr. They align better with PubTrawlr’s mission around use of scientific findings. The Dawn Chorus blog will be used for reflections, book reviews, and off-the-beaten path analyses that doesn’t really have a home there. So

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